Thursday, October 11, 2012

To all who visit here

Sorry for not posting in a while. I have been rather busy working for "the man" and all that. Been doing other work on the side to earn a few bucks as well. I'm trying to pay off a small debt I foolishly took on about six months ago. It will be paid off soon thankfully so I can ease back on the slave labor and start working more for "me". I can start working once again towards my goal of leaving the rat race behind. Hopefully leaving it behind for good.

As most of you know this blog is primarily meant to be a chronicle of my journey in doing just that. A journey to free myself from the Matrix and from being just another cog in the wheel. Not a whole lot has been happening in that regard right now as most funds have been going toward personal debt elimination  

In fact I have not even been out to camp 420 in nearly two months.That is until the other day. Man let me tell you, mother nature sure has a way of reclaiming what is hers! When I pulled my $200 junk trailer out to my land it was so overgrown that I had to spend several days beforehand with a chainsaw a machete hacking out enough space to get it in. I continued to remove brush whenever I was there and even though there was still plenty more to do it actually started to look rather nice. 

Upon visiting the other day I hardly recognized the place. Vines were growing up everywhere-even on the trailer. Grass and thorns were so thick I could barely walk through them. Dead tree branches were scattered all over the place. Still it was really nice to be out there on my own "paid for" piece of land. I highly recommend it to anyone. 

With the summer heat now gone (and hopefully the west Nile mosquitoes along with it) I plan to start really working on the ole Zombie hideout in a serious way. I just purchased a good sleeping bag for the cool nights ahead and will be visiting the place on a regular basis once again. 

Thank you to everyone and stay tuned because this blog has only just begun!