Saturday, June 30, 2012

A work in progress

I would like to thank everyone who took time to stop by this blog and check it out over the last few weeks. I especially want to thank James M. Dakin for Posting a link to the article "camp 420" on his blog. In doing so I had much more traffic than would have been the case otherwise.

Most of those folks are gone now, never to return, so my audience has shrunk significantly. Over the last couple of days I really considered throwing in the towel but awoke this morning feeling refreshed and upbeat. 

I know that it takes time to build an audience so I am going to keep posting here every couple of days or so. There really needs to be as much information as possible on the web about living cheap and alternative ways to acquire the necessities of life. Times are hard but they're only going to get worse so I am going to do my best to provide whatever info I can on the subject.

This blog is a work in progress so please come back from time to time and have a look around. If you have any ideas or suggestions that might make this blog better then by all means leave a comment or go to the contact page and send me an email, and if you have a blog and you feel that this one is at all interesting or useful then please consider posting a link back to it

Thanks to everyone and ya'll come back now you hear!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free mobile homes

Since a lot of people don't have the money for the "perfect" zombie hide-out they need to make do. Life is all about choices and if you have little money to live on then your choices are limited. Luckily you found this site because I am going to show you that you actually have more choices than you think.

To take advantage of those choices all you need to do is open your eyes. Look beyond those ideas handed to you by society as it now exist and look into the possibilities as they could be. You only go around once in this world so take every advantage of the opportunities available when they present themselves.

Today I have for you a selection of free (yes free) mobile homes. You will need to pay money to move them to your chosen location of course but otherwise they can be yours for the asking. Make no mistake about it though, damn near any mobile home that is free is going to need a lot of TLC. They are free however.

But of course you can't really take advantage of these free offers unless you live close to the actual mobile homes that are listed. The point however is to show you that at any given time in this country there are free mobile homes available to those who will just haul them off. Go to the free section of craigslist for your area and type in mobile home. Another key word you can try is trailer house.

If nothing shows up keep checking every day or two and eventually you will get lucky. But you need to have the funds available to have it moved, and of course you need to have some place to move it to. But if you really want a free mobile home you can find one.

So in no particular order

Atlanta Ga. Craigslist
FREE Mobile Home (Kennesaw)     

Date: 2012-06-25, 6:49PM EDT
Reply to: 
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Free Mobile Home.
Must Remove From Lot.
Ask For Jim.


Austin TX. Craigslist

Free Mobile Home (Brackettville, tx)   

Date: 2012-06-14, 7:27PM CDT
Reply to: 
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1976 mobile home, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 12x56. Needs work, but is livable. Two window air conditioners go with it. Deer hunters special. Must have at least a two ton truck to move. Call 281-714-xxxx , mobile home is in Brackettville, tx 


Denver Co. Craigslist
Mobile Home - Free! (Loveland)    

Date: 2012-06-21, 5:23PM MDT
Reply to: 
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Free mobile home. Here's the deal - must be moved, you move it off the property and it is yours.

1972 model 48' x 12', 2- bedroom, 1-Bath, needs sub-floor repair, bath in poor shape, floor coverings are shot, no furnace. No water heater. recently occupied. I have clean Colorado title in hand. Tires are full of air, all utilities are disconnected and it has a tongue. It is ready to be pulled!

Located at xxx Butte Road, Loveland Colorado in Mountain View Mobile Home Park. It's in Space #54 but it says #2. Take Eisenhower Blvd / U.S. 34 west past Wilson and then past Cascade Drive, go an additional 500' west, then make a left on to Butte Road. Drive south into park and you will see the mobile home.

Taxes Paid.

$250 cash deposit required, when mobile home is gone, you get your $250 returned. Cash Only.

The unit can be inspected between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday - Saturday.

Also, you will have to do all research on moving mobile home. You may come into the office if you have any questions.

I will remove add when no longer available.


Detroit Michigan craigslist
Free mobile home (rochester hills mi.)   Detroit

Date: 2012-06-20, 11:30AM EDT
Reply to: 
[Errors when replying to ads?]

Free mobile home at avon on the lake retirement community. It is an older mobile home 12 by 60 with added expando and three season room and shed. The community is very safe and has a library and pond. One person needs to be 55 or older to appy and you will need to apply at the park office to be allowed to move in. The park is at crooks and auburn road in rochester hills mi. contact by email only 


Miami FL. Craigslist
Mobile Home (634 Palm Way Goodland Fl.)   

Date: 2012-05-24, 2:08PM EDT
Reply to: 
[Errors when replying to ads?]

1970 House trailer carport,double roof,all appliances some furniture 40ft10ft wide 


Phoenix Az. Craigslist
Free Double Wide Mobile Home 3BR/2Bath (Casa Grande)

Date: 2012-05-28, 12:05AM MST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


We have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom double wide mobile home we need to get rid of. Its about a 1973 model according to the lisence plates on it. Its old. Its in bad shape. There no living room window and acracked bedroom window (storm). The AC and Swamp were stolen I think the water heater is gone too. Its about 1500-1800 sqft. Itsnot in liveable condition and repairs to make it liveable would likely exceed the value. No usable parts/appliances. Its ugly and its junk. This is free. We don't want it. YOU MUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO MOVE IT. I PROMISE IT WILL BE HARD TO FIND SOMEONE WILLING TO MOVE THIS LOAD. BUT ITS FREE. Your other option is to scrap it. If you want to scrap it, you are welcome to dismantle it here and take all the scrap and turn it in for cash you keep, as long as you find a place to responsibly dump any remaining garbage. We have had several people want to do this but couldn't show up sober enough to do the job.

You contact me and I will send you pictures. If you want to come see it, I will give you directions. 


Single Wide Mobile Home for free (Woodbine md)
Washington D,C.

Date: 2012-06-25, 6:01PM EDT
Reply to: 
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Single Wide Mobile Homer for free. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Please email me with more questions.


Flint Michigan craigslist
FREE 14x70 Mobile Home (Litchfield, MI)

Date: 2012-06-21, 12:31PM EDT
Reply to: 
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FREE. Must be moved. Has no axles or tires. 2 BR, 2 full baths. Has refrigerator, 110 dryer, 2- 27'' (NON flat screen) tv's. Must take all contents. Clear title. Email for phone #. 


Flint Michigan craigslist

Date: 2012-06-02, 6:25PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

I have a 1981 mobile home that is a 16' x 70' trailer. I would like to give to someone who can move it from where it sits asap. 


Free mobile home (Hudsonville MI)

Date: 2012-06-15, 9:17PM EDT
Reply to: 
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I have a free mobile home, it is located in presidential estates in Hudsonville. You would have to be approved by the park, the lot rent is $474 a month and that is also the deposit. They allow pets for and extra $10. In living in the part you get to use the clubhouse and pool and they also have play grounds. Trash is included in rent. Water is added to it, it has never been more than $20. The gas and electric usually run between $30-$70. I would leave the stove here if you wanted it. There are a couple things that need to be fixed, A crack in the bathtub, the shed door. the carpet is stained. Other than that not much. The stuff to tar the roof is in the shed and will stay with the home. If you have any questions feel free to email me, or if you would like to find a time you could come look at it. The office is open M-F 9-5, I believe the application fee is $20. I am selling the house as is I will not be fixing anything. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows. Let me know.

Can send more pics upon request. If you would like to see something specific let me know. 

Sw Michigan Craigslist
1978 Homette Mobile Home (Edwardsburg)

Date: 2012-05-31, 5:01PM EDT
Reply to: 
[Errors when replying to ads?]

Free! This home has to be moved though, it is setting in Colonial Acres right now. It is in livable condition and currently being used, but it could use some work. Thanks.

To all interested in the mobile home:
1. The mobile home has to be moved from the current location by the recipient. It is YOUR responsibility to set up moving this.
2. It is 2 bedroom / 1 bath.
3. It is 14 x 68.
4. It is currently located in Edwardburg, MI, 69205 Garver Lake Road, lot #20 (posted on lamp post). DO NOT peep into the windows or attempt to enter the home, IT IS CURRENTLY BEING LIVED IN.
5. If interested, call Aaron at 574-214-5899. First person to schedule and take it away gets it, it will be available around July 1.
6. I won't take pics of this or that, if you are REALLY interested, you will come look at it and set up an appointment with me. After all, it's free.


16' x 80' Mobile Home Trailer (Conway)
Little rock ark.

Date: 2012-06-25, 10:34AM CDT
Reply to: 
[Errors when replying to ads?]

16' x 80' Mobile Home Trailer, Rough, Needs a lot of work and some TLC. Remove the Trailer from the Property and it's yours FREE. 


FREE MOBILE HOME 12X65!! (Elwood, KS)
Kansas city ks.

Date: 2012-06-06, 11:03AM CDT
Reply to: 
[Errors when replying to ads?]

Sunflower Village Mobile Home Park in Elwood, KS has a 1970 12X65 Mobile Home
You have to haul it!!
3 bedroom, one bath home!
Needs some work, but would make a great starter home or storage trailer!!
Located on lot #46 in the Park.
No title, but can offer a bill of sale.

Contact Jodi for more information! (913)365-xxxx

These are but a few of the free mobile homes I found around the United States that are listed right now! I did not check every city or state either. If I had I would have probably found dozens of free mobile homes. How about you? have you ever had a free mobile home given to you? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments section below.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Sometimes it's really hard to make it on a small amount of money. Especially when you go into a store just looking to buy a couple of things you need and pass by multitudes of different items in their slick packaging that just seem to jump out at you screaming, Buy me! Buy me! The consumerist mentality is built into the very fabric of modern society and can be hard to resist. 

That's why I love reading about people who survive on as little money as possible. It inspires me to resist the consumerist mentality whenever I get the "urge to splurge". It helps me to stay focused on what is really important in life and not get caught up in the great american pass time of accumulating enormous amounts of debt.

So in this post I want to invite you to read a few articles from around the web about people who are able to live on very little money. You may or may not like some of their daily survival strategies but that isn't really the point. The idea here is to show that it is possible to live on very little money. Hopefully You can find a little inspiration in at least one of these articles that will help you resist the "urge to splurge".

First up we have an article about a guy who had to file for bankruptcy and then had his house foreclosed. Not having anywhere to go he moved into an 18 foot travel trailer for a few months until he could find some place to go. He ended up living in the small trailer for four years! The site that this article is posted on may turn you off because it's called "Queercents". I guess it's a personal finance blog for homos because their mantra is "we're here, we're queer, and we won't go shopping without coupons". It's a pretty good article though and you can find it here.

Next up we have an article about a guy who lives in a tent in the desert. This sounds pretty crazy but he actually has a good set up and lives comfortably. He is on an "extended" camping trip that he hopes will last the rest of his life. His M.O. is to go out in the desert somewhere, set up camp for two weeks and then move on. He earns money to finance his extended camping trip, on the web, with a lap top and a mobile internet connection. You can read about it  here.

If camping is not really your thing then read this article about a "freegan" that lives in New York. I personally don't like the whole freegan "philosophy" because there's too much far left politics used to justify eating food out of a dumpster. I don't think survival needs any justification. This article is pretty good however, with minimal "holier than thou" preaching Usually found with anything written by or about freegans. Read it here.

Yet another good article about freegans who took over an old abandoned mansion in Buffalo NY and turned it into a sort of "freegan frat house" can be found here

Last up is an article that is not really about anyone in particular. It is merely a hypothetical "day in the life" of someone doing some cheap-ass-living. It's from the possum living blog and it attempts to explain "what possum living means" You can find it here.

How about you? Do you know of any other good articles on the web about people who are living on very little money? Do you know of any good articles that offer inspiration to those who need to survive on very little money? I'd love to read them.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Off Grid Lighting

For those of us who dream of living "off the grid" we imagine a roof full of solar panels, a 1500 kw wind generator, and a dozen deep cycle batteries to store all the energy produced. We dream of having a huge diesel generator for back up and 1000 gallons of fuel in reserve for emergencies, or for those times when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing.

I know that is my dream but the reality is that I just don't have the money that a set-up like that would cost. I plan on building a small system sometime in the future to power my basic needs as time and money permits, but what do I do now to meet my needs?

Since I am only there a couple days of the week and not living at camp 420 full time just yet I manage fine with a few basic items. I have a couple of ice chest to store food and drinks. A battery powered radio provides music and I have a small fan to cool me off  at night when I sleep. It too runs off of batteries.

As for my lighting needs I have a couple of options that I use. About six months ago I started buying 30 packs of those small tea light candles. They are only a couple of bucks each so every week I buy a pack or two from the dollar store. They only burn for about 3 or 4 hours but several placed in different locations around the room will provide enough light so that I am not stumbling around in the dark. These are really great to have in an emergency and because they are so cheap you can afford to buy lots of em. 

Most of the time however I use an LED lantern I bought at wall mart. After buying the lantern and the 4 D cell batteries to go with it I spent more than $40. At first I thought this was too much but this thing is built pretty solid and I have not yet had to change the batteries. Coleman claims that battery life is 144 hours on low setting. I usually have it on high and it's still going even though I've used it quite a bit. I'm pleased with it and plan to buy another one just like in the near future.

I also have a couple of LED flashlights. One is a cheapy model I picked up for about 15 bucks along with the AA batteries for it. The other one is a mag light that was given to me as a Christmas present. I absolutely love the mag light because this thing is super bright! I can stand it on end where the light is shining on the sealing and it lights up the room better that the Coleman lantern. I don't think it the batteries would last that long if used in that manner.

How about you are you off grid or plan to be off grid in the future? what Ideas do you have for cheap off grid lighting?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Major Score!

My zombie hideout certainly ain’t much to look at but I didn’t pay much for it either, which means I have a long way to go to whip the place into shape. I have no running water at the moment so whenever I go there to hang out and do a little work around the place I have to haul a couple containers of the stuff along with me. This is no real hassle at the moment because I’m only out there a couple days a week. I plan to move out there eventually and live full time but when that happens I will need a better solution for my water needs.

A deep well is what most people would consider. But to have a professional driller come out and sink a hole in the ground is not something I can afford. I could possibly “hand dig” a well Like they did in in the old days but that’s just too much back breaking work. It’s too dangerous as well. If the thing caved in on me I’d be toast!

Luckily water falls out of the sky free of charge. In my location we have over 22 inches of precipitation a year. Not as good as some regions of the country but it’s not exactly what you would call arid either. So the answer to my water problem that seems most reasonable is to capture as much water as I possibly can whenever it rains.

After going to Home Depot and pricing sheet metal and lumber to build a good size “carport” over my trashy little trailer to use as a catchment area I nixed the idea. But still wanting a rainwater harvesting system, I started looking at alternatives. I’m a pretty thrifty fellow so I was just going to buy a large tarp, drape it over the trailer and direct it into a couple of barrels or a childs swimming pool.

I was about ready to buy the tarp when to my wonderful surprise I happened to luck upon a small junk pile of mostly old sheet metal. The owner of said “junk” just wanted it hauled off. When I first looked at it there didn’t appear to be that much there, but on closer inspection I counted over 20 sheets. They were 22 feet long and just over two feet wide. Doing the calculations I figured that would give me 880 square feet of catchment area. After doing a little research online to see how much water I could expect to harvest I figured I should get nearly ten thousand gallons of water per
year! That’s more than 25 gallons a day.

It’ll be a while before I get my system up and running but by keeping a sharp eye out for useful crap I can use around the homestead I was able to cut the cost of my setup in half! In addition to the metal sheeting I was also able to score two 55 gallon metal drums. One will be used for a cheap ass wood burning stove and the other has already been put into service as a “burn barrel”.

But wait there’s more! If you call in the next fifteen minutes you’ll also get this handy dandy crappo widget that you have absolutely no use for. Seriously though, with the pile of sheet metal and the two metal barrels I also picked up nearly 70 paving stones and a pile of unused bricks and all I had to do was haul it all off!

When you look at a pile of junk what do you see? Do you see a potential resource that you can use to better your situation in life or do you just see a pile of junk? What projects have you been able to create on the
cheap using salvaged materials? I’d love to
hear your stories.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere

I love to check out survivalist sites- Blogs, forums, info pages, etc. You can find a lot of good how-to stuff that will help you be more self sufficient, independent of the corrupt system, and really do some Cheap-Ass-Living! However You need to take a lot of this crap with a grain of salt. 

Take for instance the subject of water. You can go to damn near any "survivalist" site and find information about the subject. But most of the time the information is a bit silly. They will to go to no ends to tell you how to "store" water for a shtf situation but hardly ever  tell you how to make the stuff safe to drink. You don't need to know how to store something that covers 70 percent of the earths surface. Hell, get some containers and fill em up, problem solved!

Telling you how to store water is nearly as ridiculous as telling you how to store dirt!

Now for the sake of the discussion I will concede that storing a "little" H20 for hard times is important. And I will also concede the fact that some sites devoted mostly to primitive living and wilderness survival has a lot of good info about rendering water safe to drink. 

But if You really want the low- down about drinking water for a shtf situation then just use your common since. Make sure that it's clear and there's no strong smell to it. Boiling your water a few minutes then letting it cool down before drinking will kill more than 99.9 percent of all pathogens that can make you ill. Pretty simple stuff.

Of course it can be a real pain in the ass to boil every single drop of water you consume day in and day out. That's where a good filtration system comes into play. If you don't have a lot of cash to shell out right now for a survivalist wet dream of a filtration system Like a Berkey system (which can cost upwards of $300) or even a homemade Berkey then just go to Wally World and buy a cheap water filter there. $20 or less and your set.

Of course you're only set for a couple of months or so but in couple weeks when you have a few more survival dollars to spend buy a couple more cartridges for it. Before long you're survival water needs are taken care of.

Remember though you don't even need this as long as you start with clear odorless water and boil it before consuming. Water as stated earlier covers 70 percent of the earths surface. It falls out of the sky free of charge. So store a little water for emergencies but don't go overboard.

And for anyone who is still a little confused on what you can store water in remember this. If a food or beverage product came in the container it is safe to use for water storage.

Friday, June 15, 2012

25 trashy trailers!

Where can you get a travel trailer or motorhome for less than a thousand bucks? In one word-everywhere! The following list is travel trailers you can get right now! I went to craigslist for different cities around the U.S. to see what good deals were available. Believe me I could have probably titled this 1000 trashy trailers. Unfortunately that would have taken me a month to research and list all of the good deals. But don’t let the title of this post fool you. Anything that looked too trashy didn’t make the list. Everything here has potential.

You can buy something like this and live in it if you choose or just pull it out to a dear lease or some land somewhere for a weekend- retreat. Hell buy a cheap ass trailer and get the kids out of the house without chunking them to the street! Buy one and set it up in your back yard and rent it out for an extra $300 a month or so! Use your imagination.

Remember good deals usually go pretty quick so most of these will be gone soon if they’re not already. I’m not listing the contact info for obvious reasons but if you want that information go to craigslist for the area and look it up. But the purpose of this list however is not to direct you to these particular RVs but to show you how easy it is to find something like this if you are interested. Just keep looking! Everything here was still up as of this date-6/15/2012
So in No particular order.

1.      Albuquerque N.M. 1982 travel trailer, $1000 in great condition (They didn’t say in the ad how long it was but from the pictures posted it was about 20 feet or so. Nothing in this list is much smaller than that)

2.      Omaha NE. 1976 Layton $700 needs some work. Usable (That is what the ad said. Picture posted looked decent though)

3.      White plains GA. 1980 Winnebago $400 old, travel trailer, this certainly needs some work but for $400 it looks to be a good deal

4.      Mobile Alabama 20 ft. Layton $500 firm good tires

5.      Mobile Alabama 1993 Coachman 29 ft. fixer upper owner has title. $1000

6.      Oklahoma City Ok. 22 ft. Jayco $800 but will take best offer. Good fixer upper.

7.      Spencer Ok. 1973 fifth wheel $600 good condition

8.      Blanchard Ok. 27 ft. fifth wheel $800

9.      Clinton IL. 71 Terry $1000 good condition for its year.

10.  Orliens MI. 72 24 ft. coachman  $1000 camper in fair shape for its age

11.  Jackson MI. Holliday travel trailer $750 Needs a little TLC

12.  Fowlerville MI. Early 80’s 28 ft. $800 Inside is OK

13.  Richmond IN. 1979 30 ft. $1000 This trailer is “roomy” and has large refridgerator

14.  Fort Wayne IN. 1972 in fair shape $900

15.  Nicholasville KY. 33 ft. $750 needs tires and windows

16.  Lincoln Park MI. $800 (it looks about 20 ft.)

17.  Rochester Hills OH. 1973 23 ft. handyman special $800 O.B.O

18.  Cleveland OH. 18 ft. Banner travel trailer $500 good condition

19.  Peoria AZ. Yellowstone 25 ft. Interior needs a little work $850

20.  Lynnwood WA. 26 ft. 1984 $500 needs a little work but not a whole lot the owner is living in it now

21.  Waller Tx. Perfect deer camp trailer 22 ft. $500

22.  Portland OR. 1970’s Komfort retro travel trailer $800

23.  Portland OR. Prowler travel trailer $800 (decent condition)

24.  Portland OR. 18 ft. $500 good condition

25.  Portland Or. 35 ft. $1000 older model with wood stove

Again, if you are interested in something like this but don’t have a lot of money to work with just keep looking and you will eventually find a deal too good to pass up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trailer trash survival

Adventures with a $200 Trailer

After buying a small piece of land for $420 I was anxious to get some kind of shelter on it so that I could at least stay there a couple days a week if not live there full time. The first idea I had was to buy a tent from Wally-World, but a tent is not a permanent shelter and it would be a real hassle setting it up and taking it down every week. I scrapped the whole tent idea pretty quick and started looking at other more “permanent” solutions.

I considered buying the materials from Home Depot for a small “Unabomber” cabin. But after a trip to said establishment I realized that the price tag was too high for someone in my income bracket. Plus the time and trouble of building something on site was not an attractive prospect. I needed something quick, simple, and cheap!

That’s when I came up with the idea of buying a cheap travel trailer, pulling it out to my land and setting up my zombie hideout. I say that’s when I came up with the idea but in reality the idea is nothing new and it certainly didn’t originate with me. James Dakin has been blogging about this for years on the “Bison survival blog”. M. D. Creekmoore over at “The” did this and there’s even a book about it called “Travel trailer homesteading for under $5000”.

After looking through the local paper for campers and RV’s that were in my price range and not finding anything I turned to Craigslist. They have a section for RV’s but I didn’t really expect to find anything that I could afford. I don’t have a lot of money so $1000 was the upper limit on what I was willing to pay.

To my wonderful surprise however there were numerous RV’s that met my criteria. Motor homes, pop ups, fifth wheels, and bumper pulls. I checked the postings daily while I waited for my tax refund to arrive in the mail and over the course of a couple months counted more than fifty RV’s for less than a thousand bucks!

Most were fixer uppers or “dear hunter specials” as they called them but even so I couldn’t believe how many there were. While waiting for the check to arrive I missed out on some really sweet deals. One day however I came across an ad for a 30 foot bumper pull and it was only $200! “Holy crap”, I thought, as the hair on the back of my neck stood up, “this sounds too good to be true!

I called the guy up expecting it to be gone already but to my surprise he still had it. My refund check had still not arrived but luckily I had a couple hundred bucks in my pocket so I went to look at the trailer and to be honest I almost passed it by. The trailer was full of all kinds of junk and the dude selling it didn’t want to deal with all the crap so he was selling it cheap. He owned an RV park and the previous owner of the trailer just disappeared one day never to be heard from again. Perhaps the zombies got him or maybe he joined some weird new age religious cult and dropped off the map. Sorry about his luck but at least I found something I could afford.

I forked over my $200 and officially became a member of the “trailer trash” set. It’s a really exclusive club but since my trailer was full of all kinds of trash already I felt like I was a member in high standing-despite the fact I’m not into Nasscar or “professional” wrestling.

The owner of the RV Park told me I could take as much time as I needed to move it since I did not have a truck. It had already been there for over a year since the zombies got the previous owner so a couple more months wouldn’t hurt.

The first thing I did was to go through all the junk inside and get rid of most of it. I have a friend who has this homemade trailer he built himself. He took an old car dolly he picked up somewhere for a hundred bucks and built a flat-bed trailer with old lumber he had lying around. You should see this thing it’s really ugly but it gets the job done. It’s not really balanced right though so if you’re going too fast with the thing it starts to swerve all over the road. It’s really not safe but I wanted to get rid of most of the crap in the RV before I pulled it out to camp 420.

Anyway we started going through all the junk and at first I thought this guy must have been a prepper because there had to be at least a years’ worth of food in it and it was stashed all over the place. But if he was into prepping and survival how could he have let the zombies get him so easily?  Oh well.

It took several trips but we managed to get rid of all the useless crap. Most of the food was seriously out of date so my buddy took all the canned veggies home to feed his rabbits and they're still eating on it months later. Some of the crap we burned and some of it we took to the scrap yard. I had to rent a U-Haul to pull the thing out to my place but eventually I got it there in one piece. It’s really a hunk of junk but at least it’s my hunk of junk and I own it free and clear along with the dirt it’s parked on. Now bring on the zombies!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cheap living Tips

I'm a guy who has very little money and I'm always looking for good information that will allow me to stretch every dollar to it's absolute limit. In doing so I've come up with a list of 100 money saving tips that will help you cut expenses in these troubling times. If you need to cut back (and who doesn't these days) read the following tips and see just how many possible ways you can reduce your budget.

1.      Grow a garden

2.      Cook from scratch

3.      Buy food in bulk

4.      Check the “unit” price on food

5.      Only buy produce in season

6.      Use your leftovers before they spoil

7.      Drink tap water instead of bottled

8.      Stop eating out at restaurants or at least stop eating out so much

9.      Make your own beer and wine

10.   When traveling pack a basket with sandwiches and other snacks to avoid stopping at restaurants

11.  Raise chickens for eggs

12.  Raise rabbits for meat

13.  Hunt, fish and trap animals for food

14.  Forage for wild plants that are eatable

15.  Start couponing

16.   Buy store brands

17.   Never shop on an empty stomach

18.  Always take a list to the grocery store

19.  Make your own baby food

20.  Lose weight and feel great

21.  Take lunch to work instead of eating out every day

22.  Don’t buy prepackaged convenience foods

23.  Stock up on good deals

24.  Leave the kids at home when you shop for groceries

25.  Turn water off when brushing your teeth

26.  Install a low flow shower head

27.  Install low flush toilets

28.  Capture and collect rainwater to use on garden

29.  Take a five minute shower and save more than a thousand gallons a month

30.  Water your garden after sunset to avoid evaporation

31.  Install gray water system and use for lawn and garden

32.  Fix leaky faucets and save 150 gallons of water  per month

33.  Only flush solid waste down the toilet (remember if its yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down!)

34.  Sweep off the driveway instead of using the water hose to spray it off

35.  Look for caretaker position and live rent free

36.  Build your home with natural materials found on site

37.  Build with recycled materials whenever possible

38.  Buy land from your county for back taxes

39.  Supply your own labor when you build your house

40.  Buy a travel trailer to live in

41.  Buy a van and convert it into a small motor home

42.   Share your home with a roommate or rent out the spare bedroom

43.  Use plenty of insulation in your house

44.  Install a wood burning stove in your house

45.  Close off rooms that are seldom used to save on heating and air conditioning

46.  Use CF bulbs or L.E.D’s to light your home

47.  Unless really soiled then wash clothing in cold water

48.  Turn water heater down to a lower temperature

49.  Set thermostat on eighty in summer and wear a minimum of clothing to stay cool

50.  Buy a timer for water heater and set it to only turn on for an hour or so every day

51.  Move fridge to the back porch during colder months to use very little energy

52.  Set thermostat on sixty in winter and wear more clothing around the house

53.  Cook your meals free of charge with a solar oven

54.  Use manual appliances whenever possible

55.  Hang clothes out to dry instead of using your dryer

56.  Install thermal jacket on water heater

57.  Unplug all appliances when not in use to avoid phantom loads or use power strips

58.  Burn scrap lumber in your wood stove

59.  Plan your trips before leaving the house to save gas

60.  Buy a scooter to get around and get 70 to 100 mpg

61.  Do your own auto maintenance 

62.  If you have a diesel car or truck power it with used fryer grease

63.  Use a bicycle for your main mode of transportation

64.  Avoid the car wash

65.  Pay cash for cars

66.  Use public transportation instead of your vehicle

67.  Use “hyper milling” techniques to save on gas

68.  Drop your internet service and use wireless “hotspots” from places like McDonalds, Starbucks, and your
 local public library

69.  Drop your cable service and watch local broadcasting

70.  Drop your landline and use only your mobile phone

71.  Switch your mobile phone to a prepaid service instead of a big name carrier

72.  Keep a constant eye out for better deals on cell phone and internet plans

73.  Shop at garage sales and thrift stores

74.  Dumpster dive

75.  Constantly monitor the free section of “craigslist” and “free cycle” for good crap

76.  Check out movies from the library instead of renting them

77.  Go camping for your vacations

78.  Cut your own hair or get a family member to do it. 
79.  Stop buying lottery tickets

80.  Give up smoking

81.  If you can’t or don’t want to quit smoking then cut down

82.  Roll your own cigarettes

83.  Find other couples with kids and trade babysitting service with them

84.  Stay out of debt.

85.  Save scrap metal to sell for extra cash

86.  Always try to fix something that’s broken instead of buying a new one

87.  If you need to use an expensive tool only once or twice borrow it from a friend or neighbor instead of buying it.

88.  Sew and repair clothing instead of throwing it out
89.  Grow a beard and save on razors.

90.  Wear less makeup if you are a woman

91.  If you shoot firearms a lot then reload your own ammo

92.  Use cloth diapers instead of disposables

93.  Buy wash and wear clothing and drop the dry cleaning bill

94.  Avoid so called trendy fashions

95.  Avoid impulse buys

96.  Cut up your credit cards

97.  Find a bank that offers a no fees checking account

98.  Keep track of every cent you spend

99.  Find likeminded people to network with

100 Keep coming back to Cheap-Ass-Living!