Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I wrote articles three different times only to have them lost when my computer crashed before they were edited and posted. I am using the blogger platform which is not exactly the best, but since it’s free (and since I’m a cheap bastard) it’s what I use. This has all been very discouraging to me and I started to say “screw it” but I am going to continue with this blog as often as I can because this kind of info needs to be widely available. I think a lot of people need ideas that will allow them to live on smaller incomes. From now on I will write everything in Word and then copy and paste it.

Also someone broke into camp 420 stealing all my shit! I went out to my zombie hideout the other day and found out (to my complete disappointment) someone had broken in and ransacked the place. They stole some things I had stashed back for my “declaration of independence” from the man, and trashed the place! The things they took were minor and monetary loss wasn’t that great but that’s not the point. The real issue is that they broke in to my place and violated my personal sanctuary. It’s true I wasn’t living there yet but it still pissed me off. This has also been rather discouraging. I will be giving serious thoughts to security issues in the future.

Well the “election” is now over and the commie, Kenyan, Idiot has retained power. Surprise, surprise. I was never a supporter of the Rockefeller Republican, Mitt Romney but we’ve seen what the “HNIC” has done over the last four years. I’m pretty sure Romney would have been a disaster but with the current dimwit in control it is virtually assured. I think we were (are) headed for collapse no matter who was chosen by the powers that be. But I think it will be much quicker now that “bathhouse Berry” is at the helm for another four years, so time to double up.

So now that our destruction is virtually assured it’s time to start stocking up on the basics if you haven’t already. Get out of debt soon, the sooner the better, and then stockpile/hoard as much food as you possibly can. I know your poor but you can still stash back hundreds of pounds of basic food items for next to nothing-at least for now.

This won’t always be the case so take advantage of the opportunity while it still exists. I have been stockpiling beans and rice for a while and have close to a years supply. Every week I spend a few extra dollars on my emergency supply and it has really built up. Thank goodness I didn’t have it all stored at camp 420!

Are you still going to be able to pay the rent/mortgage when the economy collapses? If you are not sure that you can then what will be your backup plan? Do you have friends and relatives who will take you in when times are tuff? Will they still have a place to live when times are hard? These are questions you need to start asking yourself NOW. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Also remember good warm clothing and blankets, or a good sleeping bag. Basic lighting needs like candles and L.E.D, lighting is essential so build up your supply and don’t forget a couple of good flashlights.

I need guest articles. This blog is about living (and survival) on the cheap. I am certainly no expert on the subject but I think I know a couple of things that would be of use to others. Unfortunately I don’t know everything so I am asking your help in making this blog into a true resource for those who need to live on a small amount of money.

I have learned that I can’t do it alone so I am going to start accepting guest articles.  If you have anything to write about on the subject then please consider contributing to this blog. I think that if we pull our collective knowledge and experience then we can create a treasure trove of cheap living info for anyone who is on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder. I am especially interested in people who are able to live comfortably on as little money as possible. Anyone who wants to share their experience here with others will be a big help.

For those who are interested in submitting an article, please go to the contact page where you will find my email address. Send it to me and more than likely I will post it. All that I ask is that it is an original unpublished article that you have written. I will give you credit for it, or if you choose, I will post it anonymously. Thank you to everyone.


  1. Welcome back Tex. Glad your back.


  2. Glad to see that you're still around Tex; I honestly thought that you had called it quits for good? Which would be too bad, because I really think that this site has a lot of potential.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Unfortunately this is all too common in rural, part time residences. I would look in to the buried cache plan that Dakin touched on a while back, at least until you're out there full time? Probably a good idea even for a full time homesteader as times get harder, and the masses get hungrier and more desperate.



  3. Glad you are back. We had some friends who moved here to rural Ga and were shocked when their house that they hadn't moved into yet was broken into. I told him it is the country not Mayberry. Something for everyone to realize. -miss georgia

  4. I 2nd the Anons above, scumbags exist in the rurals as well, unfortunately. I'm sorry for the setbacks. But glad to see you are posting again.