Friday, January 18, 2013

The List (part 5)

Welcome to the fifth and last installment of the poor man’s survival list. There are fewer items in part five but the things listed here are the “fun” things every person concerned about surviving TEOTWAWKI will want to have. Okay, the machete is one of the fun things and it’s already been listed but anyway let’s get started.

27.    Maps and compass. When the apocalypse finally gets up off it’s lazy ass and decides to come calling you won’t be able to use the GPS function on your smart phone to find your way back home. Learn to navigate the old fashioned way with a map and compass. A compass is pretty damn cheap and you can get maps (right now) off of the internet for just about any area you can think of. Shure you know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west but that won’t help you when the sun isn’t shining. Spend a few bucks on a compass and practice using it.

 28.      Binoculars. It’s most certainly a good idea to see the zombies and cannibals before they see you. A decent pair of binoculars will allow you to observe the enemy up close without actually being up close. I’ve seen binoculars selling for as little as $13.00 and I’ve seen binoculars costing hundreds. I don’t think you should necessarily get the cheapest pair you can find but don’t go out and spend a week’s paycheck on a pair either. Buy a pair that is rugged and compact, and one that has a decent magnification.

29.      Knives. Of course you need knives around the house to cook and eat with but I’m talking about good solid knives you will need in a survival situation. A sturdy, dependable lock blade knife that is compact and concealable is extremely important and might save your life even before the world descends into complete chaos. I spent $15.00 a few weeks ago and bought a really nice blade that is spring loaded. It’s not a “switch blade “type of knife, which I believe is illegal  in most places, but with just a slight push with my thumb it snaps open and locks into place. A fixed blade survival knife that you can wear on your belt is pretty useful as well. Not just for defensive purposes but for skinning any critters you manage to trap or kill.

30.      Pepper spray. A small can of zombie repellant that you keep on your keychain is a good idea. Having this item on hand may prevent you from having to whip out your blade at all. At least it will buy you a few seconds to do so, which could mean the difference between life or death. Buy the strongest one you can find or you’ll just piss off any zombie attackers you encounter. Sabre red has good reviews on Amazon and is supposedly the brand police use.

31.      First aid kit. If you cut your thumb off while trying to skin an armadillo after TSHTF you won’t be able to run down to the emergency room. So it’s pretty important to have a good first aid kit on hand. You can buy a basic kit for less than ten dollars but one this cheap isn’t likely to be very useful. If you spend about twenty of thirty bucks for one you’ll have a much better kit. Don’t forget to buy a good first aid manual along with your kit so you’ll know basic first aid skills.

32.      Firearms. This is the last item on the list but certainly not the least important. If you do not currently own any firearms I would suggest that you get them now while the getting is still good. The gun grabbers are exploiting the tragedy in Connecticut for all it’s worth, and are trying to take away people’s right to defend themselves. I won’t get into the types of firearms you should own for several reasons. I will say this however.  You might not necessarily need enough guns to supply a militia but you should at least think about acquiring a good shotgun, a hunting rifle, and a decent handgun with some stopping power. And with the current atmosphere in Amerika regarding firearms It might not be a bad idea to purchase “back-ups”, which are not on any Government gun grabbing registration list, and Cache them away in a safe place. Don’t forget Ammunition! Get bullets-lots and lots of bullets. Firearms are worthless if you have no ammo for them. To anyone who is afraid of firearms all I can say is; don’t be such a pussy. Some day you might need a gun for your family’s protection but won’t be able to acquire one because you supported the gun grabbers.

Some final thoughts. This list is certainly not the “be all, end all” list of survival supplies. I could have easily created  one that’s 10 times as long. But in taking inventory of my personal level of preparedness these were some of the most important to me and my situation. Many of the items on my list I already  have and others I still need to acquire or add to. When creating your own survival list keep it as short as you can or else you’ll end up with a whole notebook full of stuff and you won’t know where to begin. Have an A list of the most critical supplies you feel you will need and a B list of things that would be nice but not absolutely essential.  Good luck!

Tex Dakota

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