Friday, June 15, 2012

25 trashy trailers!

Where can you get a travel trailer or motorhome for less than a thousand bucks? In one word-everywhere! The following list is travel trailers you can get right now! I went to craigslist for different cities around the U.S. to see what good deals were available. Believe me I could have probably titled this 1000 trashy trailers. Unfortunately that would have taken me a month to research and list all of the good deals. But don’t let the title of this post fool you. Anything that looked too trashy didn’t make the list. Everything here has potential.

You can buy something like this and live in it if you choose or just pull it out to a dear lease or some land somewhere for a weekend- retreat. Hell buy a cheap ass trailer and get the kids out of the house without chunking them to the street! Buy one and set it up in your back yard and rent it out for an extra $300 a month or so! Use your imagination.

Remember good deals usually go pretty quick so most of these will be gone soon if they’re not already. I’m not listing the contact info for obvious reasons but if you want that information go to craigslist for the area and look it up. But the purpose of this list however is not to direct you to these particular RVs but to show you how easy it is to find something like this if you are interested. Just keep looking! Everything here was still up as of this date-6/15/2012
So in No particular order.

1.      Albuquerque N.M. 1982 travel trailer, $1000 in great condition (They didn’t say in the ad how long it was but from the pictures posted it was about 20 feet or so. Nothing in this list is much smaller than that)

2.      Omaha NE. 1976 Layton $700 needs some work. Usable (That is what the ad said. Picture posted looked decent though)

3.      White plains GA. 1980 Winnebago $400 old, travel trailer, this certainly needs some work but for $400 it looks to be a good deal

4.      Mobile Alabama 20 ft. Layton $500 firm good tires

5.      Mobile Alabama 1993 Coachman 29 ft. fixer upper owner has title. $1000

6.      Oklahoma City Ok. 22 ft. Jayco $800 but will take best offer. Good fixer upper.

7.      Spencer Ok. 1973 fifth wheel $600 good condition

8.      Blanchard Ok. 27 ft. fifth wheel $800

9.      Clinton IL. 71 Terry $1000 good condition for its year.

10.  Orliens MI. 72 24 ft. coachman  $1000 camper in fair shape for its age

11.  Jackson MI. Holliday travel trailer $750 Needs a little TLC

12.  Fowlerville MI. Early 80’s 28 ft. $800 Inside is OK

13.  Richmond IN. 1979 30 ft. $1000 This trailer is “roomy” and has large refridgerator

14.  Fort Wayne IN. 1972 in fair shape $900

15.  Nicholasville KY. 33 ft. $750 needs tires and windows

16.  Lincoln Park MI. $800 (it looks about 20 ft.)

17.  Rochester Hills OH. 1973 23 ft. handyman special $800 O.B.O

18.  Cleveland OH. 18 ft. Banner travel trailer $500 good condition

19.  Peoria AZ. Yellowstone 25 ft. Interior needs a little work $850

20.  Lynnwood WA. 26 ft. 1984 $500 needs a little work but not a whole lot the owner is living in it now

21.  Waller Tx. Perfect deer camp trailer 22 ft. $500

22.  Portland OR. 1970’s Komfort retro travel trailer $800

23.  Portland OR. Prowler travel trailer $800 (decent condition)

24.  Portland OR. 18 ft. $500 good condition

25.  Portland Or. 35 ft. $1000 older model with wood stove

Again, if you are interested in something like this but don’t have a lot of money to work with just keep looking and you will eventually find a deal too good to pass up.