Tuesday, July 10, 2012

420 Update

I started this blog recently and it has been the primary purpose here to chronicle my journey from being just another rat in the race to a rat that doesn't have to worry about the race anymore because he refuses to play the game. 

A self sufficient little rat that is able to do what he wants, when he wants, and however he damn well pleases. A rat that doesn't have to bow down to "the man" ever again for a few measly crumbs of cheese.

This is of course an ongoing journey, but along the way I hope to provide you with plenty of useful information that you can use to escape the treadmill-or the hamster wheel. What you will read about on this blog are alternative strategies that you can use to acquire the necessities in life without having to "whore" yourself out to the system for chump change. And hopefully I'm able to do it in a fun and fascinating manner that will to hold your attention.

I've gotten a comment or two (and a few emails) from people who wanted to see pics of my cheap-ass "homestead in the making" or wanted me to give further info about what I am up to at camp 420. Right now the summer heat is in full swing so that's why I am not out there as much as I would like. That and the fact that I am still "whoring" myself out to the system for chump change, and the "brothel" that I work at is too damn far from my zombie hideout. But today I want to share (with those who are interested) a few photos.

This is a view from the street. Can you see the trailer? I have tried to be careful about removing too much brush. I want my zombie hideout as secluded as possible. Out of sight out of mind. Besides I absolutely love the the woods and I am surrounded on all sides by trees. Very peaceful. 

In fact when I purchased my little empire It was so covered with trees and brush that I had to hack out a spot to pull in the trailer. I already owned an electric chainsaw but with no electricity to operate it I had to buy a cheap gas powered saw to do the job. It's a piece of crap compared to the electric but it got the job done. 

This tree is right in the middle of the property and it is huge! I want to eventually add solar panels to provide electricity but will either have to remove the tree (a  major chore) or build something that's portable enough to move around to catch the sun at different times of the day.                     

This is my very own mail box and no the address is not camp 420. So if you send any fan mail (or more likely hate mail) it won't get to me. I found the mail box on the side of the road and a buddy of mine painted it and built the post its attached to. I'm now an upstanding citizen.

This is a view from the trailer to the street. I plan on removing enough of the weeds and brush to make a pathway out to the mailbox with paving stones. I don't really care much for the whole manicured lawn thing though. I actually like a much more natural and wild look.

This ugly ass little love seat was in the trailer with all the other crap when I got it. I got rid of most of the other junk but kept this so I would have something to sit on. It's really trash though and not even fit for a hobo to sleep on. It's probably going to be thrown on a fire before too long.

 I found this black leather love seat on the side of the road the other day and used it to replace the ugly piece of crap in the above picture. as  you can see it's not in the best of shape but it's a major improvement over what I had. I'll probably get a blanket and cover the cushions and then it'll be good as new!

Here's the inside of my $200 trashy trailer. Pretty crappy looking, huh? Believe me though when I say it looks a lot better in the picture than it does in life. It's a "work in progress" however, like this blog. I don't know if the stove in the bottom left of the picture works or not but I'll probably get rid of it.

I just bought another Coleman lantern like the one I had. Two of them together lights up the trailer pretty good. I plan to paint the walls white and that should help even more. The batteries in the first one are still good despite the fact I've used it quite a bit. I really love these things.

I still have a long way to go to really get this place in order but little by little I'm putting it all together. There are repairs to the trailer itself that needs to be done and of course lots of things to be done outside as well. I think once the summer heat has runs it's course I can really get serious and tackle all of that. I will have updates from time to time so stay tuned.


  1. Was pointed towards here by Dakin. You have a very nice blog.

  2. I too was referred here by Jim Dakin.....will continue to visit.

  3. 420 is good. I partake too. Yep, Dakin. Keep it up.

  4. have been here before but lost my bookmark . glad jim reposted keep working on your place you will get it like you want in time.One bit of advice harbor frieght 45 watt solar kit a must have

  5. Good Job! Hope you make it the whole way out there soon. I will live vicariously through you since I am stuck with the "man" in order to eat. Please keep posting!!

  6. I enjoy your blog as well, glad to see Anonymous is an option, I didn't see that before. I hope you keep at it.

    Some tips you might consider adding to your location:

    A covered porch or cover (screened if possible) would be a great place to have. Make the outdoors part of your Living Room. If you lose power, a great place to sleep cooler than inside the trailer. A summer kitchen, a place to cook without heating the interior of the trailer.

    No stove - hey, white gas stoves can be found for little money, I've got a single burner Coleman Sportser going on 30 years and its still going strong. Not so hard to repair, you can find parts for it in many places. Some would argue propane stoves are better, and I guess a couple of 20# tanks are easy enough to store for long term use.

    Hammocks make a dang nice chair too if you don't care to lie down, and they can be easily moved to where you want. In hot weather, a great way to sleep cool.

    Keep on keeping on dude.

  7. Look up solar cookers Tex. As long as the sun's shining you'll have an energy free method of cooking.

    As far as hammocks go, those GI jungle hammocks include bug netting, and last I checked were in the $40 price range brand new.

    Nice site, found you through Dakin. That's Texas? I didn't think anywhere in Texas was that nice?

  8. Thanks everyone for commenting. Right now I have no regular internet connection so I can't post as often as I would like. But please do come back.

    Thanks again everyone.

  9. Wish you were here