Monday, July 2, 2012

zombie defense 101

Defense of ones self and property is a topic that is sure to elicit many kinds of responses. Some people will swear that an automatic handgun is needed for home defense while others are vehemently opposed to any kind of firearm whatsoever. The survivalist types with plenty of money to burn feel completely naked unless they have a small arsenal of assault rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammo for each and every one. 

Some people however feel the need for a means of defense but don't know a whole lot about firearms, nor do they possess a whole lot of money for a collection that would make the terminator green with envy. For these people the best option for home defense (IMO) is to purchase a good 12 gauge shotgun. You can acquire a brand new single shot, break open 12 gauge shotty for around a hundred bucks.

Now before you yawn and click on over to another site somewhere else consider this. A shotgun does not require a whole lot of skill in its use. A shotgun is a very intimidating weapon at close range. A 12 gauge can do a whole lot of damage and anyone in their right mind will probably crap on themselves once they're looking down the barrel of a 12 gauge shotgun, where as they could be brave enough (or stupid enough) to try and wrestle a handgun away from their intended victim. 

Now if you are really strapped for cash even a hundred dollars can seem like a whole lot of money. It is still possible however to obtain a good decent shotgun for a lot less than that. Go to a gun show the next time one is held in your area. Check out the classifieds in the local paper. Talk to any gun owning friends you have and tell em what you're looking for and what you're willing to pay. 

It might even be possible for you to acquire one without spending one single penny. Craigslist has a barter section for people who want to trade items they have for something else. Look around the house and see what you can find that you never use. Maybe that old guitar sitting in the back of the closet that you haven't touched in years. Or how about the desk top computer that's just sitting in the corner collecting dust since you bought that new laptop. Most people can probably find something to use as a barter item.

And if you are going as cheap as possible in this then what you want is something that's in good shape but ugly! The uglier the better. If the finish on the stock is almost worn off and the barrel is a little rusty then it'll be much cheaper than something brand spanking new or something that's "as good as new". Remember what you really need- a good reliable means of home defense and not a pretty little show piece to impress your friends.

So now that you've got your ugly little Elmer Fud Gun you can use it to go out hunting "waskely wabbits" or you can sit down and turn it into something that's a true work of art. A can of W-D forty and a piece of steel wool will take care of any rust. A Hacksaw and a little spray paint will do wonders for it's appearance. If you don't believe me then take a look at This. Is that a sweet little zombie whacker or what? Not only can you take out the zombies but you'll look damn cool doing it.

Use your imagination and create something as individual as you are. A can of gray primer for the barrel and a can of flat black paint for the stock will give you the "rat rod" look. Or go totally off the deep end and do something like this. Sort of a post apoc Blade runner look. 

Whatever you do to personalize your new little shotty don't forget the ammo. I am no expert by any means when it comes to the differant types of ammunition that's available for the shotgun so stop in at your nearest gunshop and talk to the owner. Tell him Your looking for something to use against the zombies to defend you castle in a SHTF situation. Wanting to make a sale he will be more than willing to give you the run down on the various types of ammo.

And last of all don't just set it in the closet and forget about it. Take it out somewhere and practice with it. Learn to use it like you would any other tool. If you don't know the limitations of your zombie survival weapon you could be putting yourself in serious danger in the event that you are ever in need of it's use. 


  1. A break open shotgun for home defense?

    Guns are not visual warning devices, you cannot depend on waving one around to warn people off, and even good shots miss most of the time (based on best evidence)when under stress.

    At least go with the pump action. Then you can miss five times.

  2. Russell no one has said that a pump action shotgun isn't a better defensive weapon. But a pump action shotgun is much more expensive than a cheap ass single shot shotgun.

    A lot of people don't have hundreds of dollars to spare for a pump action shotgun. A single shot break open shotgun is cheap and certainly preferable to a baseball bat sitting by the front door.

    1. Have you priced pump action shotguns? You can buy a bare minimum for about $320 dollars versus about $130 for the bare minimum break open Rossi. With pricing that low, your ammunition and optics are going to be a bigger factor than the weapon.

  3. Russell Somehow you missed the whole point of the article

  4. Nightshift here, I agree with both of you. For a basic home defense shotgun a single is the barest minimum. If you are being raided there will likely be two or more agressors. Of course, cover will give you time to reload. I once got 3 shots at a deer with a single 30-30 but was a distance from it. I think the deer was a little slow too. LOL. You may have to resort to the line "Who wants shot first". You can find a used pump mossberg or maverick for $150 around here (South MS). Bought one that looked new for my son for $180. I don't see optics as a must have on a shotgun. 15 round box of 00 Buck for ammo now but stock some more as time allows.

  5. I don't see anything wrong with a single shot break open shotgun, they are light to carry around and are durable as hell. Keep a buttcuff on stock with spare rounds attached to it, you should be okay. Do be prepared for recoil though - lightweight and lower stock means some kick for the shooter. Some may decide the 20 may be the way to go, but ammunition choices are far less than 12 gauge.

    If you want an inexpensive handgun, look at Heritage firearms, you can buy a .22 rimfire for a little more than a C note if you shop around Christmas time. I know - 'just a .22', but a handgun is carried around EVERYWHERE, vs. the long gun which gets left behind as you carry out chores. Its too bad gun firms like H&R and others do not exist anymore, they made functional arms for little money.

    For all purpose low maintenance, I painted a .410 single shot with bar-b-que spray paint after taping the wood stock and plugging up the areas I did not want paint to cover. Great move - the finish will not rust, and its very tough too. I guess when it gets too dinged up, another pass with spray can will do.

  6. I used to recommend thew 20 ga. pump to people wanting some kind of firearm for the home. Because it is really easy for a non-gun person to short stroke a pumb, I now recommend the single shot with the admonition to practice,practice.
    I am now on the look out for a 20 ga. I'm an old fellow and can't handle to 12 ga. recoil.