Saturday, July 7, 2012

This Blog has hit the Big Time!

I just checked the stats on here and was quite amused by what I found. It's nice to see the number of page views every day but Since this is a new blog my audience is quite low. Some days are better than others of course but still not anything to write home about.

What's more interesting to me are the search terms people use to find this site. Cheap ass living is of course the most common search term used and that makes sense, but there are other terms people have used to stumble upon this blog. Cheap ass survival blog is a little less common but still understandable. Lots of traffic (relatively speaking) found their way here by searching for "free mobile homes" and "cheap travel trailers". Cheap living tips is a search term people have used to get here. One search term somebody used recently was "ass liging". Not even Cheap "ass liging" but merely "ass liging". I don't really even want to know what that one was about!

This morning however someone used the search words "trashy living". Now sometimes I'll go to google and type in the search words people have used to see how this blog ranks in the results. Of course Cheap-ass-living is listed on the first page when someone types in those words. Usually though I'm not very high up on the list. But when I typed in "trashy living" guess what blog was at number one! That's right, Cheap-ass-living! Not only was this blog on the first page but it was the very first one. With ten gazzillion sites on the internet this one is the number one "go to site" for trashy living!

Being number one comes with a huge responsibility. It is something one shouldn't take too lightly and I promise to try and stay humble. To continue as the top dog in this area however requires nothing less. I promise to do everything I can here at this blog to supply you the information you need to do some trashy living so keep coming back to trashy living Cheap-ass-living and have a wonderful day!


  1. Nightshift here,
    Found your blog thanks to Dakin. Read the first post and forgot it till he reposted. In the favorites now. OI commented on a couple older posts If you want to go back. The water collection and the shotgun post mainly.

    About the scooter. Stay away from the cheap China junk. Look for an old small cc street trail or street bike. $1000 or less is doable and you will have a more capable bike. A Suzuki GZ250 is rated at 84 mpg. A Yamaha xt250 street/trail is 70+ but in town speeds is capable and tested as high as 129 mpg. You might even be able to get laid with a small motorcycle as oppossed to a scooter.

    If you must get a scooter at least get a name brand used one.

    Like you Blog.

  2. Thanks for commenting Nightshift. I agree with you about the cheap Chinese Junk. Since I posted The first article on this blog I have been doing research. Basically reading every Review I can find on those cheap Chinese Scooters. I think that you could still have a reliable means of transportation with one but only after you spend hundreds of dollars on parts and repairs. Better to go with a good used Jap bike if you can find one for a decent price. And yes I am now looking for a good on/off road bike instead of the scooter. Stay tuned.